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Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio v18.0

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TwistedBrush Pro Studio - digital paint software with complete natural tools - oils, acrylics, pastel, graphite, etc. Software for artists with the simplicity that other software can not. TwistedBrush Pro Studio - creating art the way orthodox, simple and fun!

Simplicity without sacrifice functionality, powerful enough for the professional artist yet simple enough for beginners; was built to be easy to use TwistedBrush Pro Studio is a versatile drawing tools and today's most powerful. TwistedBrush Pro Studio has more than 3,000 brushes, along with features that artists love to use: layers (layer), the material realistic media, photo cloning, tracing, masks, particles, filters, y script recording, scripts to AVI, drawing support, brushes, patterns, pattern, compatible scanners, image editing, drawing guides, reference image, which open, dynamic palettes and much more other.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio runs on all versions of the Windows operating system and is designed for use in all areas of digital art, including art using natural materials, photo retouching, layout photos, photo cloning to your image looks like drawn by hand, religious art, manga, and even 3D like painting with the tools to create incredible movement.
Changes in version 18.12:

- Added - Layer locking is now possible. A layer can either be not locked, alpha channel locked or fully locked. Previously no alpha channel locking was supported.
- Added - The Hue adj, Sat adj and Luminance adj brush effects when exposed in the Brush Controls will have a color preview bar.
- Added - Pro Nu Puddy Paint to the Art Pro - Nu Media ArtSet.
- Changed - The Pro Img Shp Basic brush has the erase option removed since it is not compatible with the brush layer options used in that brush.
- Fixed - Pattern modifier ArtSets were appearing in the wrong category in the Brush Selection dialog.
- Fixed - Brush modifier ArtSets were not always appearing in the in the ArtSet list while in the ArtSet Edit dialog and they were also appearing in the Brush Select dialog when they should not.
- Fixed - Numerous Pro brushes where not working properly. Specifically those with optional features such as Directional Rotate On / Off for Image Brushes.
Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio v18.0
(Change the. Svnn to. Rar and extract)

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