Thinstall Virtualization Suite v3. free

Thinstall Virtualization Suite v3.349 - Thinstalled

Thinstall Virtualization Suite v3.349 - ThinstalledThinstall Virtualization Suite v3.349 - Thinstalled | 3.8 MB

Applications run in a virtual OS or ‘sandbox’ which protects the local OS from registry and file system modifications. Thinstall is a client-less application virtualization solution that allows applications to be packaged into simple EXE files that run in user-mode isolated from the host PC without installation or changes to the local desktop's registry and file system.

"Thinstalled" applications can run on locked-down PCs with no device drivers installed enabling administrators to maintain a secure, clean, and stable user desktop.

"Just 1 file, no eula banner , no nag popup & no fuss"

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