Thinstalled Jade Property Suite v5.6.0.1326 free downlaod

Thinstalled Jade Property Suite v5.6.0.1326 free downlaod

Jade Property Suite v5.6.0.1326 - ThinstalledJade Property Suite v5.6.0.1326 - Thinstalled | 8.5 MB

Jade Property Suite is a desktop database for real estate agents who want to search, print, match, email and web publish their own listings.
* Stores an unlmited number of properties.
* Database can be shared on an internal network.
* Ease of use for the novice and advanced capabilities for the expert.
* Automates printing, matching, emailing and web publishing of your listings.
* The default language, currency and date formats on the computer are automatically used in the database.
* Customizable master lists, reports, filters and web pages.

Web Publishing
Jade Property Suite has a powerful web publishing system that generates the real estate listings for your website. Your customers will find it easy to locate a property on your website. You will find it easy to maintain. Jade handles everything, from image processing to search scripts and synchronized uploading. The data and images in the database are used to generate:

* A directory of categorized listings.
* A property search engine.
* Property details pages.

Jade's in-built editors allow you to customize the look, content and categorization of your web listings. A simple default design provides you with a starting point for your own customized listings. See the basic listings example.

In this example, the listings were generated on a computer that has Euros set as the default currency. When you generate the listings on your computer, the currency you have chosen under Windows regional settings will be used.

Property details can be printed for a single property or for multiple properties. The results of a search can be instantly translated into a print-run or the criteria for a report. Jade ships with ready-made, editable templates for generating:

* Flyers
* Brochures
* Catalogs
* Window cards
* Reports
* Letters and envelopes
* Business cards and labels

Jade lets you send email with your own Windows email application (e.g. Outlook Express, Outlook etc).

Any property flyer, brochure or report can be instantly attached to an email to a selected contact. The 'Email pdf' feature is very simple: Select a property and click, 'Email pdf'. Choose a template and a contact. Sending details of multiple properties is just as easy. Display the properties in the grid and this time, choose 'Displayed properties' as the range for the pdf.

Database records can be quickly exported to Excel or a text file. The properties or contacts displayed in the grid, with the columns you want, in the order you want can be exported instantly. The layout itself can be saved and reloaded when you need it.

Property and contact reports and documents can be quickly saved as PDF files. The full-featured PDF export includes options for editing the document settings and permissions.

Jade stores the preferences of customers and matches them against available properties. A customer looking for several properties can have a set of preferences recorded for each.

* Match one enquiry to available properties.
* Match all enquiries to available properties.
* Generate a letter(s) and matching property details.
* Generate a personalized email with attached full-color details of matching properties.

Jade stores activity on a property as events. Letters and reports can be generated for each event or multiple events. For example, a letter to the property owner can be generated when an offer is received or a letter to a customer can be generated to confirm a viewing appointment. Events for a particular property can be printed in a report.

* Inspections
* Showings
* Open Houses
* Offers
* Closing tasks

So many aspects of Jade can be customized that it is used by real estate professionals all over the world.

* Your own lists for property types, locations, markets, features, closing events etc.
* Your own grid layout showing the columns you want, in the order you want.
* Your own options for the print button and its menu.
* Your own saved searches.
* Your own custom fields.
* Your own look, content and layout in print and on the Web.

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