Windows TinyVista Rev01 Vista Ultimate Feb 2008 free download

Windows TinyVista Rev01 Vista Ultimate Feb 2008

To use this CD, simply burn the ISO file (as an image, not as data) with Nero or IMG Burn, then set your PC to boot from the CD, press any key when the message appears, then after Vista has loaded the files you will only get one screen where you can format your hard drive. Note that you cannot install this special eXPerience version of Windows by upgrading, you can only install a clean install onto a formatted partition or hard drive, because all the upgrade files are removed.

This installation still includes:

Aero Theme
Camera support
Fax support
Internet Explorer 7
Printer Support
Remote Desktop (both server and client)
Scanner support
Windows Media Player 11
Windows Mail (formerly Outlook Express)
Windows Update website

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