Action PopUp – WP Premium Plugin

Action PopUp – WP Premium Plugin free download mediafire

Action PopUp – WP Premium Plugin
Increase Sales By 400% and Get More Optins With This Simple, Easy-to-Use Website Plugin…
"Yes, You Too Can Increase Your Optins And Build A Bigger Email List
And Start Doing It Today…
In Less Than 10 Minutes"
From: Robert Plank
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2011
RE: More Subscribers & Sales For You
Dear Internet Marketer, Blogger, or Listbuilder:
We all know how important building an opt-in list is to your success online.
Even if your sales letter converts at a whopping 5%, you've lost 95 out of every 100 prospects that come to your site. Forever.
The same is true on your blog. Maybe they'll read one page, maybe they'll comment one time, then poof… they're gone.
If you follow-up with potential customers regularly with an autoresponder, you can build a trust relationship and at the same time share gifts and information with your prospect over time to get them to buy from you.
Get them to click on any link, comment on any blog post, retweet, or purchase… on command.
Action PopUp to the rescue! A popup is a smaller window that appears on a sales page where you convince a visitor to opt-in to your newsletter so you can contact them later with a special offer.
"70,000 E-Mail Opt-Ins Every Year…
With Zero Advertising!"
I decided to use the "Action PopUp" WordPress plugin which you can use with most autoresponders out there.
Michel Fortin I typically get around 40 unique subscribers a day from straight organic traffic. (I don't advertise my blog at all.)
First day, 124 subscribers. Second day, 188. Third day (today), 353 new subscribers! 8X increase!
(I'm on my way to beating that again today. Wow.)
If you do the math, getting an average of 200 new subscribers a day will grow my list by 70,000+ in one year. And that's without any advertising at all.
This little tool more than quadrupled my signups!

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